Logistics & distribution channels

  • All goods movements at HPE Pharma GmbH are recorded and documented electronically, so that a complete tracing of the goods flow is possible.
  • HPE Pharma GmbH has air-conditioned and regularly controlled and documented storage rooms.
  • Export and import are handled in close cooperation with the German customs authorities - no microgram of an active substance is withdrawn from state control. This also explains the trust of the buyer countries in the work of HPE Pharma GmbH.
  • For the air-conditioned transport of the sensitive and partly to be cooled goods a company-owned transporter with cooling device is available. This also guarantees the consistent quality of the merchandise. In some cases we work with certified transport companies.
  • Due to the sometimes unproblematic economic and political structures in the buyer countries of HPE Pharma GmbH, in close cooperation with the German export authorities (German Customs and Chamber of Commerce and Industry) stable and sustainable distribution channels were established through efficient companies in the countries to be supplied. Here, HPE has built up very solid and reliable business partnerships that are indispensable for the success of HPE Pharma GmbH. They are being further developed according to plan and even lead to investments by the partner companies in Germany.