Partners & Products

HPE Pharma GmbH can rely on a stable and solid network of partner companies in the customer countries for the distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical products. The company attaches great importance to these companies being accredited to the respective health authorities and their activities monitored and approved. This has meant that HPE Pharma GmbH has an excellent reputation with the health authorities of the customer countries and enjoys great trust.

HPE Pharma regularly reviews and verifies the registration documents of its trading partners. HPE Pharma GmbH will further expand its representation of well-known national and international pharmaceutical manufacturers and thus further improve its access to the sometimes sensitive pharmaceutical markets. To better supply the partner companies in the customer countries with top products. Due to HPE's excellent contacts with European pharmaceutical manufacturers, HPE also facilitates cooperation between the partner companies with suitable manufacturers, e.g. to produce urgently needed or new products.

The acquisition of patent rights (formulation) and contract manufacturing, also in the partner countries, are becoming increasingly important. Of course, this is done in strict compliance with national and local regulations.

Here are our cooperation partners at a glance:
Oceana Therapeutics Limited