HPE Pharma GmbH - The Company

HPE Pharma GmbH was founded in 2008 by the businesswoman Ilona Hellmann and the pharmaceutical consultant Dipl.-Ing. Hossein Zoroofchi was established when contacts with Iran, in particular, revealed that there was an enormous demand for medicines and medical supplies to supply the population in Iran.

Pharmaceutical products

HPE Pharma GmbH is the specialist for pharmaceutical products, which are urgently needed above all in the countries of the Near and Middle East and in the Asian successor states of the former Soviet Union.

Quality management

HPE Pharma GmbH has a carefully coordinated, HPE Pharma GmbH - quality management according to ISO 2009.

Logistics & distribution channels

All goods movements at HPE Pharma GmbH are recorded and documented electronically, so that a complete tracing of the goods flow is possible.

Partners & Products